Time to plant out the young plants

Jardi d’Jo pre-punched felts are very easy to set up. Simply unroll them, plant your vegetables and harvest! No more weeding and no more repeated watering. With Jardi d’Jo garden felts, your vegetable gardens will consume less water, suffer less from thermal shock and produce a better yield. In addition, the felts will “trap” the oligo-elements that are naturally found in the soil under your plants.

8 steps to tidier flowerbeds

The Massifleur is permeable and takes care of the water management. The eco-system underneath the felt remains intact, so the plants get all the benefits of water, oxygen and nutrients in the soil.

The Artiborda prevents the mulching of being spread over the sidewalk, keeping everything tidy..

How to create a perfect flower bed with clean edges and no weeds?

Use the Massifleur and Artiborda in 8 steps.

  1. Prepare the ground
  2. Place your Artiborda
  3. Use the fasteners to secure it to the ground
  4. Cut the Massifleurs to size
  5. Make cuts where your plants come
  6. Cover the ground to prevent weed growth
  7. Also cover the corners of the Artiborda
  8. Finish off with your preferred decorative mulch


Felt-based products ready to make a revolution in gardening

Do you want to grow your own vegetables?

But …

– you don’t want to get your hands all dirty all the time?
– you don’t want to be a slave of your gardening
– you defenitely don’t want to use hazardous herbicides or chemical products?

Check out the following video and learn why felt based products do make a revolutionary difference!

Jardi d'Jo

Our products are developed by and for experienced gardeners and made in France.

A summerproof garden with Bordiflex

BORDIFLEX is a semi-rigid strip of felt. Use it to create separation between walkways, flowerbeds and lawns. Create beautiful separations with straight lines for walkways and curved lines for flowerbeds.

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